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Last update: May 12, 2015


Why this project?

Since the initial deployment of the Internet in the 90s to the general public, the number of users has grown constantly, to the extent that one third of the world’s population already has online access.

During this initial deployment, priority was given to resolving a multitude of technical problems. As a result, along the way we unfortunately lost a precious thing which made the Internet – with the advent of Web sites – a unique promise: that everyone could rapidly and easily publish content on the Internet, visible to all.

With the Frogans project, our goal is to return to this promise by introducing a new type of site which anyone can create and publish on the Internet: Frogans sites.

Frogans sites were not invented with the major content publishers in mind. They were invented primarily for the hundreds of millions of content publishers, present and future, who need to publish their content on the Internet, rapidly and easily, and therefore in a cost-effective manner.

By publishing a Frogans site, everything will become fast and easy. Your content will be accessible on all connected screens, from the smallest to the largest, from watches to televisions, from smartphones to PCs, in all countries worldwide, and will display in exactly the same way on all these screens. You won't have to adapt your content to each screen type. You won't be locked into a publishing platform, managed by a major company, all of which limits your independence and liberty. You will retain full and sole control over your content. You won't need to make mobile applications in order to make your content accessible on mobile screens. You won't have to use technical solutions forcing you to publish content similar to the content of others. You will have complete liberty as to the form of your content, and you can give full and free rein to your creativity.

With the Frogans project, we want to go even further, by giving users who consult Frogans sites a level of security that really and permanently protects them from attacks.

Who are we?

We are the OP3FT.

The OP3FT is a non-profit organization acting in the public interest. Its purpose is to hold, promote, protect and ensure the progress of the Frogans technology, in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available to all, free of charge.

In compliance with its Bylaws, the OP3FT is neutral. The OP3FT is free from the influence of the major Internet players. The OP3FT is an endowment fund based in France. The OP3FT’s financial resources come from its endowment revenue and spontaneous donations.

Our team currently counts about 30 people, all fully committed to the Frogans project at the OP3FT. In keeping with the spirit of the Internet, our team is multicultural, we speak several languages and originate from several countries. In our team we have developers, technical writers, legal experts, administrative staff, etc. The works we carry out are detailed in the OP3FT’s Bylaws.

We are fully and exclusively focused on the Frogans technology. We develop technical specifications, reference implementations and policies as a coherent whole. By comparison with the Web, one can consider that, for the Frogans technology, the OP3FT is a combination of the IETF and W3C (for the technical specifications), the Mozilla foundation (for reference implementations) and ICANN (for policy enforcement). It is our belief that by federating these roles within one single non-profit organization, we are laying down a solid foundation to encourage the vitality of the Frogans technology, for the greater benefit of Internet users.

We are open to exchanges with all Internet users. We have set up mailing lists, we organize conferences on a regular basis, and soon, a public-consultation procedure will be established.

How to join this project, and when?

The Frogans project is a long-term project. Indeed, new software layers to publish content are not introduced on the Internet every day. The last time was 25 years ago – with the Web.

Some existing milestones have yet to be reached before you can create and publish your first Frogans sites, and before your first visitors can browse them. We expect this to be possible by 2015, in the course of the third quarter.

Once this important milestone has been reached, we will continue to ensure the progress of the Frogans project to further meet your needs. New types of connected screens enabling users to browse Frogans sites will be added, new versions of the publishing language – FSDL – will emerge to reflect users' new requirements, it will become possible to publish Frogans sites in your intranet, etc.

We are all eagerly looking forward to the time when you can enjoy yourself with this new technology and develop innovative and value-added activities. No matter where you are worldwide, the Frogans technology brings you thousands of opportunities, whether you are a content publisher, graphic designer, developer, hosting provider, intellectual property counsel, attorney, trademark holder, entrepreneur, etc.

We believe that there is room for all of you, for all your initiatives, from the further development of an existing activity to the creation of a startup, from a personal project to a global success story. For example, you will be able to provide innovative content and services based on the publishing of Frogans sites, develop authoring tools, provide development, hosting or SEO services for Frogans sites, individually or combined, you will also be able to create innovative search engines and directories for Frogans sites. And so many other things. And you will see that everyone sets off with equal opportunity along this new path!

Rest assured, the Frogans technology will always be released in the form of an open Internet standard, available to all, free of charge. This is an essential commitment for us because we understand that you cannot develop your activities with peace of mind unless you have complete faith in the stability of the environment put at your disposal.

You can join the project whenever you want. To keep up-to-date with the Frogans project and jump on-board at the opportune moment for you, or simply to ask your first questions, we recommend you sign up to our mailing lists (see below).

The Frogans sites will be a new open, secure and universal publishing space on the Internet. But bear in mind that this new publishing space will develop alongside what already exists. Frogans sites will not replace Web sites – which will remain essential for large screens or for rich content. Remember that, in the same way, instant messaging did not replace E-mail! Likewise, Frogans sites will not replace mobile applications – which will still be needed for some advanced uses, beyond publishing content.

Between 1999 and 2014, we focused on the initial development of the Frogans project. In a nutshell, this has given:

The Frogans technology already offers opportunities to seize, for example, as part of the opening of the Frogans Core Registry (FCR) with priority registration periods reserved for trademark holders and entrepreneurs, by becoming an FCR Account Administrator.

The main purpose of Frogans project Web sites, including this Web site, is to provide you with essential resources and information concerning the Frogans project. We are aware that, in their current form, these Web sites are somewhat “rough and ready”. However, once we have completed the introduction of the Frogans layer on the Internet, we will take the time, which we currently lack, to improve the form of these Web sites. Naturally, we will also be using Frogans sites to communicate information. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding.

The Web sites of the Frogans project are available in https.